How to update Mini Cart at Top Right corner of Screen when add item to cart by Quick View.

If you want to do this you need

1.Open you shop by  firefox or chrome browser, right click on cart region and chose : Inspect Element (Q).


After click you will see this panel :

Now you must tell to Quick View which html element it should reload when you add item to cart by Quick View. At here you want Quick View update cart total number at top right corner of screen. So you must to know which html element that contain cart total number .

At this example it can be :

<span id="cart-count"></span>  : we can identify this element by it's id property :  #cart-count  (put # symbol before id value).


<li id="cart-target" class="toolbar-cart has-items">   : identifier of this element will be  #cart-target

even you can use jQuery selector to identify an element by it's class property:

<ul class="unstyled">  : we can identify this element by it's class property :  .unstyled (put . symbol before class value)
* you can identify a html element by class of its parent node combine with itself class , for example this element:
<li id="cart-target" class="toolbar-cart has-items"> can identify like this : .unstyled .toolbar-cart


2.Go to Quick View settings page.

3.uncheck option: Go To Cart Page

4.Put html element which you have just found above (#cart-count#cart-target or .unstyled ) to Cart Count Id option.

it look like this :

Cart Count Id: #cart-count 

5. Save your settings and recheck your shop.



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