Edit the product.liquid file for showing Gifts on Product page


To show the Gifts icon beside your title of product page, you need to find the {{product.title}} liquid tag and replace by this code below:

<div style="position:relative;"> {{ product.title }} <div id="secomapp-fg-image-{{ }}" style="display: none;"> {{ "icon-freegift.png" | asset_url | img_tag: "Free Gift", "sca-fg-img-label" }} </div> </div>

To add the freegifts detail box before the description of product, find the liquid tag: {{product.description}} and add this code below before it:

<div class="sca-fg-cat-list" name="sca.fg.product" style="display: none;" id="secomapp-fg-data-{{ }}" data='{{ product.metafields.secomapp.freegift }}' settings='{{ shop.metafields.secomapp.freegift_settings }}'> </div>


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