Promoting the business via Affiliate network is an effective method of marketing to reach new audiences, open a broader approach for buyers to your business thanks to the variety of referrals. 

Affiliate marketing by Secomapp, it is EASIER than ever to help you to Build an affiliate empire with close tracking! 

You would like to Add the app right now for a long list of benefits:

1. Invite unlimited Affiliates/Influencers

You can invite anyone to join your programs: your friends, professional affiliates, customers or other influencers. Turn your loyal customers into partners not only benefits both sides but helps to take full advantage of word-of-mouth marketing as well.

2. Easy 5-step-setup guide

Once you install the app, there would be a five-step-setup guide to make sure you understand the basics of the app. A full set of documents is provided to make sure you can reach immediately in case you have any questions.

3. Multiple programs and product commission

You are able to create multiple programs with different types of commissions. Beside the program commission rule, you can set up special commission rates for specific products, which could be useful for promoting key products of your shop.

4. Fully customized Affiliate registration form

Affiliate registration form is embedded in your shop domain, you can freely modify it to share with affiliates and influencers. Also, each program will have a specific registration form to promote.

5. Track performance of affiliates/influencers

Affiliate who is active will get an auto-generated affiliate link or assigned coupon code, an order made through the affiliate link or coupon code will be tracked as a referral order.

6. Control payment status

Affiliate payment details and transaction amount will be displayed so you can easily process the payment manually. You can manage payment status and easily send/undo send payment.

7. Email template

A list of email templates established based on affiliates’ triggers is provided for your full customization.

8. Creatives:

Creatives feature allows you to upload banners, logos or promotion media to share with affiliates/influencers to help them spread your business better.

9. Multi-level marketing (MLM):

Grow your network of ambassadors by using Multi-level marketing, one affiliate/influencer can invite others, so your sales can accelerate while they get extra network commission.

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