Generating and Setting API Keys

- Go to the website: Google Maps Platform to generate and set API keys. All process is described in point-form.

- On that website, click on GET STARTED.



A popup shows up → Tick Maps and Places → Click Continue.



- Enter your project name (“My Project” is pre-filled) → Agree to Terms of Services by clicking Yes → Click Next to continue.



- Then you will be asked to set your credit card details  →  Click CREATE BILLING ACCOUNT



- Now you have to go through the steps of setting up payment details.

  • Step1: Select a Country → Click Yes to confirm updates → Click Yes to agree to the terms of use. Upon agreeing to the conditions → Click AGREE AND CONTINUE to proceed to the next step.



  • Step 2:  It is significant to fill in the details of the cardholder such as account type, name, and address, payment method  -  thus card number and cardholder name. After completing all the necessary information →  Click START MY FREE TRIAL.Screenshot_6.png


- A message with the title Enable Google Maps Platform will be displayed to activate the API key → Click the NEXT button.



- After generating process,  your new API key will be shown in the grey box → Click DONE to finish the process.


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