General Setting for Store Pickup

- Go to the Settings tab to get started.



- Click Pickup tab. This part will turn on the pickup shipping method on your site. There are 3 parts you need to go through SettingsPickup Deposit, and Conditions.



1. Settings: 

  • Zoom Level: The level of the action that changes the scale of the map. You can set from 0 to 18 (The smaller the number, the smaller the map)
  • Enable Search Box: Whether or not to turn off the search box.


  • Enable Pagination: Whether or not to turn on paging? When there are too many stores that we cannot display on a long list, we will divide it into pages to make it shorter. (You can set the number of Locations per page)


  • Time Format of Opening Hours: The format of time you want to display. There are 2 types: Military (24 hours) or Regular (12 hours AM & PM).


2. Pickup Deposit: 

  • Ignore Shipping Step: Enable this and at the checkout, Shipping page will be skipped and customers will be navigated to Payment right away.
  • Enable Deposit: Deposit before picking up an order. You can require a certain Amount, set Deposit Text and Pending Billing Text.

For example Set Deposit Amount = $10 means customers have to pay $10 before they pick up the order.


After finishing all customization, remember to click Save and Publish to Shop button.


→ The frontend will look as follow:



3. Conditions: Enable Pickups and set your conditions for the pickup order. 




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