Edit the product.liquid file for showing Gifts on Product page

When you install, the app will automatic insert the liquid code to your theme. However You can insert manually following this instruction


To show the Gifts icon beside your title of product page, you need to find the {{product.title}} liquid tag and replace by this code below:

<div style="position:relative;"> {{ product.title }} <div name="secomapp-fg-image-{{ }}" style="display: none;"> {{ "icon-freegift.png" | asset_url | img_tag: "Free Gift", "sca-fg-img-label" }} </div> </div>

To add the freegifts detail box before the description of product, find the liquid tag: {{product.description}} and add this code below before it:

<div class="sca-fg-cat-list" style="display: none;" name="secomapp-fg-data-{{ }}"> </div>



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